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Sierra Blanca MarbellaSierra Blanca Marbella
Sierra Blanca Marbella Epic Trail UltraSierra Blanca Marbella Epic Trail Ultra
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Sierra Blanca, Marbella

Welcome to the official website of Club Deportivo Ultra Trail Sierra Blanca (CDUTSB), the vibrant core of trail running in the spectacular Sierra Blanca Mountains of Marbella, Spain. We are proud to be located in an area designated by UNESCO as a special area of conservation of the Betic system and part of the Natura 2000 network, recognised for its unique geological formations and rich biodiversity. At CDUTSB, we are dedicated to offering trail running competitions that not only represent a physical challenge for participants, but also celebrate the deep connection with our exceptional natural environment, encouraging social inclusion and accessibility for all ages, from 4 years upwards.

Sierra Blanca, with its stunning diversity of landscapes, provides the ideal setting for people of all ages and abilities to challenge themselves and connect with nature. From quiet trails for the youngest adventurers to challenging routes for the most experienced athletes, each event organised by CDUTSB is designed to be accessible and enjoyable, promoting respect for our precious environment and fostering a strong community spirit among participants.

We strongly believe in the unifying power of sport and, as such, our events are designed to be inclusive, allowing everyone, regardless of age or ability, to participate. This inclusive approach not only enhances each runner's experience, but also strengthens bonds within the community and promotes a healthy and sustainable relationship with nature.

Discover our variety of events at CDUTSB, from first steps in trail running for children to challenges for advanced athletes. Each race is a tribute to diversity, inclusion and our passion for nature and sport.

Join the adventure at CDUTSB: every stride tells a journey of growth, camaraderie and respect. Here, everyone has a place, from novice to expert, as part of a community where every age is valued in shared greatness.